Exhibition Report

Exhibition Secretary’s Report

Annual Exhibition 2019

Now that our Annual Exhibition and all the Christmas Festivities are over, I thought of updating our members with my report of our Annual Exhibition.

The feedback from the public visiting our Annual Exhibition was very positive and highly complementary. In my view, our members produced their best at this show. I was very proud and delighted to see the quality of work, the process of painting from their chosen medium and the equipment used to create those wonderful pieces of Art. We have a very creative talented membership and it portrays in their work. A total of 13   paintings were sold.

A painting is another 15% better when it is presented complete in a suitable frame. The Annual and the Festival Exhibitions are our Showpieces and they are the two main opportunities for the public to see that The Perthshire Art Association is still very much active and moving forward to the next generation and the future. Hence, the presentation of your paintings within the ‘Rules & Guidelines’ is paramount to the quality and high standards we need. This will be the standard of presentation for all the PAA exhibitions, Annual & the May Festival. Please read all information we send you regarding the entries for exhibitions. A ‘Take note’ reminder email is sent nearer the Submitting day. We want all our members to show their works at our exhibitions.

The Committee and the membership are striving to reach this goal at all times. We are the present custodians of PAA and we must ensure that it is not relegated to a ‘wayside art group’.

The Annual Exhibition Awards.

The selection of the three awards listed below, were made by a panel from PMAG independent to the PAA. This is to make the selections fair.

Stella Cormie Trophy for Portrait & Figurative.

Allan Henderson               – No 63   ‘Laura’


Perera-Liyanage Watercolour Trophy,

Margaret Hughes             -No 26   ‘Safe Landing’


Rodger Prize for Perth/Perthshire painting

Will Purdie                         -No 47   ‘Perth City Hall’


Jean Harkess Award – The Most Popular Painting (Public Vote)

Elizabeth McCrae.         -No 35 ‘Urban Landscape’