Update From Ian Dunsire

Dear Member

Now that some/most of us are confined to barracks by the Virus, it gives us much more time to do things that we were too rushed to enjoy. It is therefore good to be able to sit down and drop a note to the members, wishing them all the best of health. For those who may not be feeling so good, please get in touch with friends, electronically or by phone, for a chat and or, let someone know if there is help needed.

There is nothing, apart from ennui which stops us getting out the art gear and setting down a series of works depicting our changed circumstances, so that when this is all over, we can possibly set up a special exhibition for our memories of Spring 2020.

It is also a great opportunity for finishing all those bits of paintings that were never completed, and going through that pile of rejects to see if something can be done with any of them, and then throwing the remainder away to make room for the next lot.

Exercising your artistic gifts is a reward which has not changed, it’s just that there is now more time to do it.

Now, from my solitary cell, where I do have access to phones and computers, I trust that you will keep in touch, check our website for any updates, take an extra whisky and free up that drawing arm.
Good luck everyone.

Kind regards

Ian Dunsire