Update From Ian Dunsire

Dear Member

As some of you are aware the Gallery for member’s artworks is now at the stage of taking entries and there has been a modest response from a number of artists.  If you are interested then follow the link below.  Phone or email the Secretary, Ruth if you need help.           https://www.dropbox.com/request/ALABV62REApuwLniDi6S

While you have been busy producing new artworks, your Committee has been operating behind the scenes to prepare our next Prospectus so that we are ready to go when the lockdown is lifted. This is a complex process involving careful programming for workshops, demonstrations, classes and Exhibitions, as well as booking venues and arranging tutors etc.

When this work is complete and circumstances permit finalisation of our plans, we will be in a position to publish Prospectus 2020 – 2021.

It is well worth noting that while we are all shut in, the Association has accepted some new members, so the interest in us is out there.

The Committee will try to keep you informed.

Kind regards and best wishes to everyone.


Ian Dunsire